Everyone thought Maxwell was just an ordinary pet alligator. But Maxwell had a destiny. His journey began when his former owner flushed down the toilet. Drowning, in a desperate fight for survival, he had only one option left: to become a Quantumgator.

With his newly-found powers, Maxwell soon realized that he had the ability of levitating above the ground and moving through solid walls. However, these powers came with a cost: to keep his adventure going, Maxwell needs to keep his temperature as close to the absolute zero as possible. Now Maxwell wanders around the world, endlessly searching for more cold objects to sustain himself, all the while enjoying the strange sights of the quantum world.


Quantumgator is a classic side-scroller inspired by the strange physics of superconductivity. Superconductors cooled down to near absolute zero temperatures have the ability to create extremely strong magnetic fields, allowing, e.g., levitation. The game also draws inspiration from quantum tunneling through barriers and the quantum superposition principle.


Move up or down with the arrow keys and avoid colliding with walls and other obstacles. Keep Maxwell's temperature as low as possible by collecting cold objects, such as ice creams and ice cubes. As Maxwell's temperature increases, also his speed increases.

You can enter the quantum mode by pressing space. This allows Maxwell to temporarily go through walls and obstacles. The downside of the quantum mode is that the temperature increases faster.

The game ends if Maxwell hits an obstacle or the temperature rises too high. Score points by collecting objects.

Published Nov 27, 2016
Authorsauroch, Alpaca, Kyyrypyy, Roskis, Trlac, samsav, Jajiko, EleyaFox
Made withPhaser

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